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African Bridal Makeup and Afro Bridal Hair UK

Looking for a professional Bridal Makeup Artist and Hair stylist? Want maximum skill, minimum stress on your big day?

Join 100's of happy beautiful African brides having professional services from Nu Woman Beauty.

Nu Woman Beauty understand that as an African Bride you demand the following:

Punctuality on your special day and trial day.

The Highest level of expertise demonstrated.

Makeup that caters from the lightest to the darkest of skintones.

Your beautiful features to be enhanced to its maximum

Face structure to be defined and enhanced beautifully.

Warmth and patience of staff throughout your booking.

Promptness in response and detailed delivery of information.

Someone who understands your culture and can integrate on your wedding day.

A wide range of choice of styles for your wedding day.

Hair styles that cater for mum and children

Someone who is respectful to family and can blend in

High quality and natural looking extensions

Neat and polished finish, fitting for a bride!

Nu Woman will provide you with more than just a makeup artist and stylist on your big day. Our consultants are supportive and attentive and will cater to your needs until the very last moment.

Striving by reputation, Nu Woman Beauty, the African Brides No.1 choice for Professional Bridal Hair and Makeup.

We hope that your date is available!

Lara George Ko Ma Si

Nu Woman Beauty

Asia Wray and her team lead the way in Bridal Makeup and Hair for black women in London and surroundings.

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