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Wedding Day Recommendations by

Nu Woman Beauty

This is probably your first wedding, however we have seen thousands of big days go by, for your benefit we have listed some recommendations which will assist the morning of your wedding to go as smoothly as possible.

Try not to drink excess alcohol on the morning of your wedding to calm your nerves or any anxiety attacks. Too much alcohol taken down quickly may heighten your nerves or increase anxiety or stress as it is very common for brides to be highly stressed on the morning of their wedding. Try a calming herbal tea as an alternative or a maximum of one glass of bubbly!

Don’t have any drinks that have high colouring near the wedding dress. Keeping such drinks in a safe will avoid any spillage accidents. It would be wise to have a few bottles of cool still water in the room in case you or those who are helping you become thirsty.

Keep distractions on the morning of your wedding to a minimum to avoid over running on your time table. Remember a late bride will have a knock on effect on all aspects of the wedding.

Keep the answering of your phone to a minimum, this will ensure your beauty consultant can concentrate on their job with minimal distractions.

Keep bridesmaids in a separate area whilst you are getting ready. Bridal parties are rightly excited on the wedding morning, but high spirits can be unsettling for a nervous bride to be. It also cuts down on unnecessary distractions.

Keep your shoes and accessories in a safe clutter free location on the morning of your wedding.

Keep your mobile phone either switched OFF, or give it to your maid of honour to handle your affairs, this is her job to look after any last minute details or actions given to others to execute on the day of the wedding. If this is not possible a family member may carry out these duties but on NO account should you the bride be answering any phones calls unless it’s a matter the utmost urgency.

Only the makeup/hair stylist and a maximum of two other people who will help the bride to get ready should be allowed in the assigned bridal preparation room. All other persons should not have access as this will cause further distraction, delays and stress for the bride as she gets ready. It can also be uncomfortable for all parties as hot hair appliances and a crowded room can increase heat levels.

Having children running in and out of the room is not only very distracting but can be dangerous. To avoid any accidents such as the bride’s dress being damaged ALL children should be kept in another room with an adult assigned to supervise them.    

Don’t have any strong odours in the assigned bridal prep room. The room should be aired prior to the mornings activities and be well ventilated on the morning of the wedding.

Do not have any other appointments on the morning of your wedding. Less time to do your hair and makeup will effect your overall look. We provide an itinary therefore it is your complete responsibility to provide your consultant with enough time to complete your makeup and hair.

Please ensure that all parties having services are available when requested. Any delays may result in parties not being finished on time or incomplete services. NWB does not accept responsibility for the above.

Please try and eat something before your hair and beauty consultant arrives. 40% of fainting on the wedding day, is due to nerves on an empty stomach.

Please double check that car parking is available for your consultant before s/he arrives to avoid delays.

If you are a contact lenses wearer, please insert them before you makeup is applied.

Although you will have probably spent years planning your wedding, sometimes things just don't go according to plan. Remember, its about the union between you and your husband, enjoy the day and do not over stress about anything.. You're going to look fabulous, and get married..everything else will work out just fine.


Nu Woman Beauty


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