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Black, Arabic or Asian Makeup or hair styling required for your wedding day?

Are you of African or Arabic descent and getting married? Would you agree that your specific bridal needs should be catered for with people who are familiar with your culture and understands your wedding needs? We at Nu Woman Beauty & Hair are experts in producing makeup and hair for black and Asian skin tones. We understand and are familiar with what will be happening on your special day, and our qualified, experienced staff will be on hand to help you though your wedding morning, ensuring all your beauty needs are catered for.

Whether it is traditional African makeup to bring out and match your traditional attire, or high glamour brightening makeup for your Arabic wedding, we are experts in the field and will ensure your makeup and hair looks professional, elegant and perfect for your big day.

Our specialist division in African Caribbean, Arabic and Asian Skin tones and Afro hair types have specially trained and qualified technicians to deliver skillful results on your big day. Working daily in the Hair and Makeup field of TV, Theatre, Catwalk and Weddings, our staff know exactly how to create the timeless beauty image required for your special day.


  • Bridal Hair - all styles and themes, vintage & modern for your afro hair or traditional Arabic style. Whether it is a full or half up do, or all down, our team are are bridal professionals.
  • Bridal natural looking quality weaves & extensions, all lengths, colours and styles for Afro and European hair types
  • Bridal Makeup for Arabic, Asian, Dark and black skin
  • Traditional makeup for your tribe or region, with vibrant colour blends for Asian brides and African Brides. Our makeup artists can theme your makeup to Egyptian, Asian (all regions,
  • Camouflage Makeup (bleach damage, scars, burns, and skin imperfections - watch them vanish for your big day!)
  • Tattoo TotalTM Coverage - watch your tattoo disappear!
  • Lash extensions - Professional, including human hair
  • Eye lash strips, cut and shaped to your eye shape
  • Bridal styling for braids and locks
  • Manicure & Pedicures including Paraffin Wax treatment
  • Massage using massage vest over clothes.
  • Relaxing Deep back and shoulder Massage using massage tools over clothes with heated vibration. (no hand contact)
  • Training in Makeup Artistry and lots more...
  • Makeup advice for black and ethnic skin tones.
  • Bridal Jewellery
  • Suppliers of Brazilian and Peruvian hair extensions

Bridal Makeup for Black and Arabic Brides and Weddings UK Women

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