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Bridal and Event Hair     

The first thing to remember is not to worry about your hair! We are image professionals, so it does not matter what length, condition or colour your hair is, what matters is that we create the style that suits your vision. We at Nu Woman Beauty can create any look for any occasion, the only limits are your imagination!

Now-a-days there is a hairdressing shop on every corner, but the expertise is not always available to create that uniquely soft, elegant look that is often required by brides to be. With every other bride requesting hair extensions, we are experts in the application with quality results guaranteed to make you smile.

Don't worry about purchasing the right hair extensions or weaves, we stock every type of hair from Afro Yaki browns and black mixed hair for African, Caribbean and mixed race brides, to strawberry blondes and ginger hair.

If you need immaculately sculptured bridal hair design, soft flowing curls, gentle colour blends, natural looking extension or even a simple Spanish bun, our highly trained staff are at hand to deliver to you exceptional results to all hair types. We can also help you choose the right hair accessories for your style. With Nu Woman Beauty and Hair, even your hair extensions are catered for, be it quality human hair, Brazilian Hair or Peruvian hair. We have it all! Booking with us can help take the hassle out of your wedding planning.

Trials are available but not always necessary if you know exactly what you want or are happy to discuss possibilities with your stylist. Where possible, please ensure that you book at least 5 to 9 months or more in advance to avoid disappointment.

We cater for all skin tones and hair types at a professional level so call us for further details or complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you.

Gorgeous extensions for all bridal hair types

Virgin Brazilian or Peruvian Hair

Need professional looking hair extensions for your special occasion?